Introducing the eCommerce Experts Directory

by Joel Bronkowski on October 27, 2020

While creating an online store has become a lot easier in the past years it's over sold as being an easy DIY project for everyone. The truth is that even if you can get a site up and running there's just a ton to learn. Even for us seasoned veterans we're learning every day. I get it though many of you don't want to sink thousands of rands or dollars into a seemingly bottomless hole. Also, where do you even begin looking for help? How many of us have burned by a friend of the family or even a friend? Yikes. 

Today we're excited to take the first step towards making it easier than ever to find quality eCommerce help within your budget. Visit our eCommerce Expert directory to find help within your budget and from experts that are pros for your selected eCommerce platform. 

Here's a few other tools you might find useful:

  1. Store Navigator - gives you access to a directory of stores that you can filter by eCommerce platform, business category, theme, tools/apps, city and business model. This is a great place to search for inspiration.
  2. eCommerce Platform Quiz - if your not sure what eCommerce platform is best for your needs or if you should build the site yourself then give our quiz a spin, it's free. 
  3. Payments Calculator - our latest tool, this compares five of the most popular payment options in South Africa and gives you an idea of how much they will cost you over time.
  4. eCommerce Cost and Profit Calculator - this tool compares how much each eCommerce platform will cost you initially and over time as you grow.