Today (& yesterday) is National Women's Day in South Africa and we felt it's fitting to celebrate women eCommerce founders that have made the bold move to turn their passions into action. It's never easy to put yourself out there and so let's celebrate and support local women founders in South Africa. We connected with a handful of founders to learn a bit more about their journey to selling online and what it's been like adapting to Covid-19. The women below are all at different stages of their businesses, some just started selling while others have had to move from selling in stores or markets to selling online. It's inspiring to see so many of these founders pursuing their passions, overcoming challenges and learning a ton in the process. We'll be highlighting each of these stores on our social channels where we invite you to help us create a thread of fantastic small businesses selling online, founded by women. Let's collectively celebrate and support these small businesses.

Product Spotlight

Below is a selection of the products these women have brought to life. Click on any of them to hop over to their stores and see more.